2019 8u Eagles Tryouts

Dear Parents,

Zach Buchner and Matt Mitchell will be coaching the two Eagles’ 8 year old travel teams during the month of July.

Evaluations for the 2019 Eagles’ will be held on the following days:
Session One - Thursday, June 13th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm @ the baseball field at Triton College.
Session Two - Sunday, June 16th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm @ the baseball field at Triton College.

For those of you that haven’t been there before, the Triton College Baseball Field is located at 2000 5th Ave., River Grove (north of North Avenue, on east side of 5th Avenue, next to parking lot).

The Oak Park Eagles offer OPYB/S Pinto players the opportunity to extend their baseball experience beyond the conclusion of the regular house league baseball season. To play on the Eagles, you must be a current participant in the OPYB/S Pinto house league. The Eagles’ program is committed to providing the best possible competitive baseball experience for players. The program places a strong focus on sportsmanship, fair play, character building, and skill development.

The Oak Park Eagles’ baseball program takes a developmental approach to competitive baseball in a fun and enjoyable environment. The goal is to have each player have fun learning the game of baseball while growing from the increasing level of competition at each age bracket. In the end, we believe our players are better baseball players and better young men as a result of participating in our Eagles‘ baseball program. Eagles’ players will receive a uniform to keep. Additionally, Eagles’ players are eligible for winter workouts with the Eagles’ teams.

Schedule and Commitment
Eagles’ baseball is a big commitment. Players are required to attend every practice and game during the Eagles’ season, which typically runs from the end of their regular Pinto season through the end of July.

We hope to finalize the Eagles’ team rosters by Tuesday, June 19th. Eagles’ practices will begin immediately after the teams are named. We are currently planning to participate in three tournaments during the month of July (beginning the first or second weekend in July). Please note, that regular house league games and practices take precedence over Eagles’ practices or tournaments. Players may NOT participate in an Eagles’ practice or game if their house league team has a practice or game at the same time.

Eagles’ team evaluations are open to all OPYB/S Pinto players. Evaluations will be held THURSDAY, JUNE 16th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm @ the baseball field at Triton College and SUNDAY, JUNE 16th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm @ the baseball field at Triton College. While attendance at both evaluations is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that players participate in both sessions. Please make every effort to have players show up for BOTH of these important dates. Players MUST PARTICIPATE IN AT LEAST ONE evaluation to be considered for an Eagles’ team. We are unable to make exceptions to this rule. Players should bring a glove and a bat to the evaluations. Baseballs, helmets, and extra bats will be provided. Players will be evaluated at four stations: hitting, infield, outfield and pitching. Players should arrive at 5:45 pm (15 minutes early) to warm up and play catch.

There are two important criteria for participation:

  1. Players must be able to protect themselves from hard hit balls. In other words, can the player get his glove in front of his face when a hard line drive is hit in his direction?
  2. All players MUST be available during the ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY to be considered for an Eagles’ team.

Eagles’ baseball is a huge commitment for players AND their families for the entire month of July. When players are not at a tournament, they are practicing. When players are not practicing, they are at a tournament.

Please keep in mind that participation in the evaluation does not guarantee a spot on an Eagles’ team roster. Equally, assisting with evaluations at Maple Park does not guarantee a spot on an Eagles’ team coaching staff. Finally, it is important to remember that in all likelihood, some players will not be selected to play Eagles’ baseball this summer.

We are currently planning to have two Eagles’ 8U teams this year. We hope to finalize our Eagles’ rosters by Tuesday, June 18th. Once all Eagles’ team rosters are confirmed and families are contacted, we will send emails to families with players who were not selected for an Eagles’ team.

Although the fee has not been finalized, it will likely be between $195.00 and $210.00 per player for the Eagles’ 8 year old teams for this year. The fee covers team uniforms, insurance, equipment and participation in tournaments.

Any player interested in participating in Eagles evaluations should register online by Wednesday, June 12th.


Please feel free to contact the coaches or myself if you have any questions. We are looking forward to another exciting season of Eagles’ baseball.

Greg Price
President - OPYBS


Matt Mitchell
(312) 804-1437

Zach Buchner
(773) 822-6516